Garage band hazy PA

Garage Band Hazy PA 4.8%

 This little pale ale embodies the indy grunge of the 90’s.  Early dry hopped with Northern Brewer and Nugget hops, this hazy, woodsy, resiny brew brings you back to plaid shirts, mixed tapes, ripped jeans and saw mills. 

Garage Band PA will mark Roof Hounds very first general listing with NSLC all over NS later this month. 

It took a few versions to capture the essence we were going for but this blend of hops in an early small dry hop finally cracked the code. It’s approachable for the beginner craft drinker but yet still Interesting enough to set it apart.  We really felt like the region needs more interesting pale ales and we set out to make something loud, creative,  honest and passionate like the music we all love from the 90’s.